How to choose the right Hookah lounge to spend your day off!

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Select the right Hookah Lounge

How to choose the right Hookah lounge to spend your day off!

People don’t like the same books or movies, so it is not surprising that two people might not enjoy the same Hookah lounge in the same way. Traditionally a part of Arab culture, Hookah lounges are now popular around the world as places to socialize and relax. At a Hookah lounge, people can smoke special flavored tobacco through a special pipe where the vapor is passed through a water bowl before being inhaled, and often share the same pipe.

Hookah lounges are particularly popular among young people, but have much to offer almost everyone. Hookah lounges offer a special communal experience which is hard to find anywhere else. Here are some tips on how to find a Hookah lounge that suits you.

Interior design

Because of the association with Arabic influences, Hookah bars used to have exotic Middle Eastern decorations, but most modern Hookah lounges have their own sense of style.

You may enjoy a modern looking venue, or a place with beautiful decorations. You may even be more comfortable in a place which is very unassuming looking, with little decoration and a quiet vibe. There are as many different styles of Hookah lounges as there are of other kinds of venues.


Some Hookah lounges have live bands, with either modern or classical music. Many have a DJ who keeps the music moving and takes requests from customers.

Other venues may offer quiet background music, or no music at all. You may like a quiet experience so you can talk to your friends while you hang out. Whatever kind of experience you are looking for, you can find a Hookah lounge to match.


A good staff can make or break an experience. When the people who work there treat the customers as guests, they create a welcoming environment where anyone would want to return. You want to know that when you are out your needs will be met.

Some staff manage to do this quietly and discreetly, and others do it with passion and enthusiasm. You can find different management styles at different locations, and the important thing is to find the one that makes you feel the most comfortable.

Hookah flavors

There is so much variety when it comes to flavors that anyone can find many flavors to enjoy. However, some places may pride themselves on offering certain popular standards, while others may take pride in letting customers try the newest and best kinds of flavors.

Among the many popular flavors are mint; Blue Mist, which is a combination of blueberry and cool mint; double apple; sex on the beach, which is a combination of pineapple, orange, cranberry and pomegranate; and cherry. The possibilities are almost limitless, because the combinations of real tastes are almost infinite.


Especially if you want to spend a lot of time at a Hookah lounge, or if you want to associate your time with meal times, the food on offer will be an important consideration. Many Hookah lounges offer the kind of menu most people would be excited to try anyway, with many tasty and exotic dishes.

You can also choose a place which offers casual food, or one which offers snacks only. If your goal is to spend a very quiet time lounging, a busy restaurant might not be for you, but you have many choices.

The crowd and location

Many of the people who go to Hookah lounges are young, but the kind of people who frequent a particular lounge may be different depending on what else is on offer. The location may also make a big difference, as many places are popular among certain crowds because of where they are located.

You can choose a place off the beaten track, or a place in a popular neighborhood. It may take more than one visit to find the place where you are most comfortable. But the kind of people who frequent a lounge will help determine the atmosphere, so it is important to research it for yourself.


Most businesses nowadays have a website, and you can learn a lot based on how a business presents itself. You can learn about the people who own and run the lounge, and what there is on offer.

You can also find basic information like the menu and location. How a business represents itself online is often a clue to what kind of atmosphere it has.

Social media

Along the same lines, check out the social media pages, if there are any. Many businesses have a Facebook page, where you can keep informed about daily specials and events, like shows.

You can also see what kind of reaction the lounge is getting from other customers. People will often make comments or share photos, like on Instagram, if they see something they like. You can learn a lot about what kind of people frequent a place and which days are best to visit by checking out social media.


One of the great things about being connected on social media is that you will know when there are special discounts on certain nights. You may be someone who likes a particular offering, so you might want to go on a certain night when there is a discount. There may also be announcements about other kinds of specials, like special flavors which are only available for a limited time.


Reading reviews is a good way to gather information, although it must be taken with a grain of salt. The people who care enough to leave a review are usually either really happy or really unhappy with an experience. Sometimes people leave a bad review because they had a bad day.

You can learn a lot from reviews, though, so check out any reviews on Yelp or Facebook or other locations. The reviews may have praise or complaints about the music, the food, or the staff. Read between the lines, and then go find the lounge where you think you will feel at home.