Exotic Fruit Lover? You should definitely try these hookah flavors!

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Exotic Fruit Hookah Flavors

Exotic Fruit Lover? You should definitely try these hookah flavors!

Everybody loves a night out at the hookah lounge. You walk in to see a crowd of happy people hanging out, and best of all, the smoke doesn’t bother anybody!

Now that it’s summertime, aren’t you in the mood to try some new hookah flavors that really make you feel like you’re on a holiday? Nothing says “beach holiday” better than fruity flavors.

Rather than leaving you on your own to sample a bunch of fruity hookah flavors, we’ve saved you some time by researching which ones are the top three exotic-fruit classics. We’ve even described what it’s like to smoke each one of them! Keep on reading to see the names you need to remember.

From the top hookah brand Starbuzz, try these awesome flavors:

1. Mellow out with the beach-vibe flavors of the Blue Surfer blend from Starbuzz.

Smoking Blue Surfer from Starbuzz will make you feel like a mellow, surfing superhero. It’s got a flavor blend of blueberry, pineapple, grape, and mint.

The cut of the leaves is short for easy handling, and it’s a bit juicier than other hookah blends. You can pack it down densely into your hookah bowl to get the maximum effect out of smoking it.

First of all, you’ll notice the delicious smell of it. As “SoCal” surfers would say, it’s literally “Sweet!”

The scent brings backs memories of playing around as a kid in a candy store when that sweet smell of fresh jellybeans wafts by your nose. The next thing you’ll notice is the mouth-watering pineapple aroma that makes you feel like you could be on an island vacation if you close your eyes.

The nice thing about smoking Blue Surfer is that the flavor starts out subtle. The taste takes a few minutes to intensify as the bowl heats up, which gives your taste buds time to ease into it.

The light hint of mint flavor doesn’t drown out the other flavorings. After that, you really start enjoying the pineapple taste.

Overall, people really love how this flavor mix doesn’t come across as overbearing. You could munch on a few other light snacks or sip down a drink on the side while smoking this easily. That’s because its flavor isn’t going to clash harshly with the taste of your drink.

2. Savor a cooling sweetness with Starbuzz’s exotic Blue Mist blend.

Starbuzz brand’s exotic Blue Mist has a blueberry-flavored base with just a hint of mint as well.

When you first open up the tin, you notice the phenomenal smell first. The minty side of the smell grabs your attention. However, it’s not overpowering, and it blends well with the sweet and fresh blueberry scents. This a true smell-to-taste hookah blend. Essentially, it smells exactly the same way that it tastes.

The Blue Mist blend already gives you great smoke-cloud production after the first 15 minutes of heating it up. They’re big, and they dissipate quickly.

Now, to be clear, the mint flavor isn’t much of a taste that sits on your tongue. Instead, it’s more of a tingling, cool, minty sensation that travels down your throat while smoking.

After you take about five puffs, the awesome flavor makes you feel better and relaxes you. It’s a great, friendly flavor that’s easy to share with everyone. If you like watermelon flavors and any other sweet fruits, then you’ll love Blue Mist.

By after about 30 minutes of heating, the clouds get even bigger.

3. Get sweet and spicy with the Starbuzz Tropical Fruit blend.

The smell of this stuff is amazing from the second that you pop off the top of the can. The first thing you’ll notice here is its bright red color. You’ll probably find some tiny stems in the bag, but they add to the flavor.

Some would describe the smell of it as a mixture of spiced gum drops and bubble gum. Now when you think “bubble gum” here, it’s more like the old-school style of pink bubble gum that you’d buy in packs at a baseball field.

Just like most of those great Starbuzz flavors, you get big clouds from this stuff without having to heat it up for a long time. After about three long draws from your hookah pipe, this flavor will already get you in the mood to laugh and goof around with your best buddies at the hookah lounge!

If you like sweet candy tastes like marshmallows, then you’ll love the taste of the Starbuzz Tropical Fruit Blend. While the fruity flavor is present, the overall flavor leans more toward the spice-drop taste though. That means that you shouldn’t expect to taste something like your standard Kool-Aid, tropical punch or Capri-Sun. Starbuzz Tropical Fruit is more of a softer, sweeter flavor than that.

Many would say that’s exactly what makes this flavor so popular in the first place. When you’re at a hookah bar and having drinks with friends, then you’re not really going to enjoy smoking a hookah that tastes stronger than the flavors in your drink. For this reason, a blend like the exotic Tropical Fruit flavor is an ideal choice to complement your drinks without overpowering your taste buds.

Even after an hour of heating this blend, you can still expect to get the same great flavor and great smoke production that you had in the beginning.

If you’ve already tried these three flavors, then you can also check out the runners-up for our top hookah flavors:

  • Passion Fruit Mojito by Starbuzz
  • Sex on the Beach by Starbuzz
  • Black Mamba by Starbuzz